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Additions - Lets Discuss Options

Additions | Decks By Design - Appleton, WI

If you are thinking about having an addition built, let us do it for you. Over the years we have created many different kinds of additions. Having an addition made can greatly improve living conditions and create more usable space for a variety of purposes. Additions also increase the value of your home and property.

Decks By Design has extensive experience in all the different kinds of additions, and offers our customers an A-Z service. We will help you find out what option is best suited for your needs, design an addition that covers those needs and build it.

Garages—Make room for another car. Create storage or working space. Make a room for laundry. Build a room for living underneath the roof. Garages often have lots of unrealized space that can be used for many purposes.
Patios—Create comfortable space outside by building a patio. You can choose to have it open, closed, roofed or screened. Make space for outside dining, playing, tanning and more.
Sheds—Store all your tools in one secure place, and prevent deterioration from weather and sun. Create external storage for all kinds of purposes. We can build you a shed anywhere on your property.

These are but a few of the reasons people choose to have additions built for them. Another, and very important benefit, is that constructing an addition can increase the market value of your home and property. It is not only an improvement, but also an investment. However, it is very important that it is built properly and according to standards. Otherwise it might have the reverse effect.

Having your addition made by Decks By Design is your guarantee of feeling sure that the work will be of the highest quality possible. Also, by being custom made, the addition is also guaranteed to be a natural fit. Our work is sure to satisfy whatever purpose it is built for and will last a very long time.

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