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Adding an outside deck to your house will not only create more open air space, but can also greatly improve the look of your...

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Decks By Design offers a broad range of different fences for many different purposes. Our mission is to secure, improve and...

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If you are thinking about having an addition built, let us do it for you. Over the years we have created many different kinds of...

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Appleton, WI is surrounded by natural splendor giving residents plenty of reasons to spend time outdoors, and make outside improvements on their properties. Decks By Design, the Valley's deck builder for 25 years, has helped customers enjoy the benefits of enhancing their properties by designing customized solutions, and providing high quality work.

Whether you are thinking about fencing in your property, having a deck built, or want to build an addition to your garage our house, Decks By Design can do it for you. We take great pride in letting people take full advantage of their property's natural beauty.

Our specialties include:
Decks—Connect your house with your surroundings. Adding a deck makes it easy and convenient to spend more time outside. We design and build any type of deck, always making sure it is a natural fit to your house and its surroundings.
Fencing—Reign in your property, and keep animals inside or outside. Enclose your backyard and make it beautiful. Create an enclosed space for cattle. Building a fence completes your property, and gives it a touch of personality.
Additions—Expand your garage. Build an extra room for living, storage or laundry. Have a shed built for your tools. We can enhance your home and property with many different additions.

Regardless of what you need built, Decks By Design gets the job done. We will also assist you in making your vision materialize, helping you decide between the many options available to you. That way we make certain that your home improvement really is yours.

At Decks By Design, we take great pride in providing our customers with ways to enhance their properties. Through our hard work and dedication, we have helped many people make full use of their entire properties, in many different ways.

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